Everyone is Conscious in a Perfect World

Back in 2010, I wrote the following passage in my journal in response to the prompt “In a perfect world…” Came across it today, and it actually inspires me to re-double my own personal efforts at conscious evolution and energetic mastery as together we grapple with the challenges of the next four years.

“In a perfect world, everyone is conscious of their place in the overall web of life and committed to achieving harmony in their portion of the web without disturbing the peace, without substituting conquest for exploration, without taking more than they need, and by seeking expanded soul awareness and energetic mastery instead of denser goals such as money, sex, and power…realizing of course that the universe is cyclical and dense ages will come again, but for now, this dense age needs to be replaced with an age of lightness of being, an age of energetic focus and mastery.”

Will we fall into a denser, darker age of despair as we roll towards the unseemly inauguration to come, or can we manage to collectively resist that madness while at the same time gaining a lightness of being in our individual persons? Heady questions, but if ever there was a time to individually and collectively evolve to a higher state of being, that time is now, my friends.

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