Remember and Re-Create Your Reality Anew

In light of what has transpired in our country over the past few months, I think now is a good time to revisit the idea of creating your own reality – of not settling for the reality that you were born with, educated within, indoctrinated into, and enslaved within during your working years. It is never too late to recreate the world around you and experience the existence you were meant to have. As it happens, your soul actually agreed to be incarnated here on earth during this time for a very specific and important destiny or calling to fulfill during your time here. But first you have to remember it!

You must remember that you are not an accident, a product of random and undirected biochemical synthesis generated by your parents, but instead are the master of your own destiny. You are the reason you are here, not your parents. Your parents and the corresponding family environment you were born into may have been chosen for a reason before your incarnation, but if something had happened to prevent your birth within that family, such as an abortion, death, etc., it would not have been the end of everything. You are not the biological organism that you ride. And you certainly did not enter that organism at the moment of conception. You waited to ensure viability of the organism, to improve your odds of survival, before incarnating. Death of your organism prematurely would have been an inconvenience, but nothing more.

Your soul will always find a way to accomplish its task. So, be kind toward those incarnated souls who have not yet remembered their origin, their source, their reason for being, who are still acting out only the instincts of their biology and chemistry. They do not realize that they are not their body or even their mind, or that these physical and mental constructs are merely tools at their disposal.

Tools are often misused to the great detriment of the user and the surrounding environment, but that misfortune only reflects incomplete understanding of the reason for existence. The reason for existence is to remember and then act. We are meant to transcend instinct, to transcend our biological limitations and urges. However, the body is not merely a necessary evil. The body is a necessary good, a necessary tool in our repertoire of karmic advancement. We are meant to gain something from being in this body in this environment at this time. Along the way there is meant to be pleasure, joy, and happiness. We are not meant to hate our existence here on earth.

We need to remember! Remember why we came here and what we purposed to do. Only then will we love our life and find a measure of contentment and happiness that does not derive from our basic biological interactions with others.

When we remember why we are here, we will begin to re-create our reality, and the more of us that manage to accomplish that task, the easier it will be for others to begin remembering their purpose. When enough of us remember our true purpose, an awakened reality will ensue, rendering the insanity we are currently witnessing moot and impotent.

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